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CEPRO - Leading in welding safty

Sonic Sound-Insulating

Slideable space separation

For this client in South Germany, Cepro has built six welding cabins. Because larger objects had to be transported in and out of the cabins, the fronts of the cabins are fitted with swivel arms with movable Cepro Orange-CE strip sets.

New safe equipment workplaces for welding and grinding

Slideable space separation

For an international producer of agricultural equipment, we were able to set up a complete production department. This project was realized in consultation and collaboration with a large number of other suppliers.

Slideable space

Slideable space separation

The project involved compulsory screening between a stainless steel processing department and metal processing part of this company. Dimensions are 16 meters wide and 6 meters high.

Welding booth with Cepro Orange-CE strips

Welding booth with Cepro Orange-CE strips

Construction of several welding booths in a workshop. In front of the cabins is an instruction room shielded with Cepro Orange-CE slats, the access to this room is equipped with swivel arms.


CEPRO is your ideal partner for the optimisation of welding and grinding workshops. As a spider in a web CEPRO spins all problems into one project and brings together the different trade specialities. CEPRO contributes to the design and develops an optimal working environment for all partners.

In addition to its own extensive product range, CEPRO can pride itself on a long standing relation with a great number of skilled suppliers of other facilities for welding work areas. Besides well-established manufacturers of welding fume extraction installations, CEPRO also works with installers of power supply systems and gas pipes and air conditioning companies.

For all these companies, the installations of CEPRO mostly form the basis on which complete welding booth systems are built. The CEPRO systems constitute the frame on which other specialists mount their products.

CEPRO has adapted its organisation accordingly. Besides high quality products, CEPRO uses specific skills to realise complete projects in a flexible, effective, competent and methodical manner