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CEPRO - Leading in welding safty

Premium welding blankets

CEPRO Premium welding blankets meet the highest quality standards and are made from top quality materials. They can be used in situations where spatter or sparks reach very high temperatures. CEPRO Premium welding blankets are available in various standard sizes or can be custom-made according to the client’s specifications.

CEPRO Premium welding blankets

  • Approved according to the highest applicable standards
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical use
  • Produced from high-quality materials
  • Suitable for high to extremely high temperatures


CEPRO olympus welding blanket

Very high temperature, made from silica fibre

  • Silica fibre (filament)
  • High temperatures up to 1000 °C
  • Peaktemperature approx. 1300°C
  • Extreme circumstances
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,220 gram/m²


CEPRO Hercules welding blanket

Highly mechanical resistant

  • Fibreglass cloth (texturized)
  • 2 sided HT + PU coating
  • Temperature resistance  750°C
  • Peaktemperature approx. 900°C
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,220 gram/m²


CEPRO Sirus welding blanket

Suitable for flame protection

  • Fibreglass cloth (texturized)
  • 2-sided vermiculite
  • Flame protection till approx. 700 °C
  • Peaktemperature approx. 1,000°C
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,035 gram/m².


CEPRO Thetis welding blanket

Allround blanket with graphite coating

  • Fibreglass cloth (texturized)
  • 2-sided graphite + PU coating
  • Temperature resistance  700°C
  • Peaktemperature approx. 900°C
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,100 gram/m²


CEPRO Athos welding blanket

Allround blanket favourably priced

  • Fibreglass cloth (texturized)
  • 2-sided PU coating
  • Temperature resistance 550°C
  • Peaktemperature approx. 900°C
  • Material weight
    1,120 gram/m²


CEPRO Ares welding blanket

Protection against radiation heat

  • Fibreglass cloth (texturized)
  • 1 sided aluminium foil
  • Temperature resistance 550°C
  • Contact temperature bonding agent 180°C
  • Radiation temperature 1,000°C
  • Material weight 1,060 gram/m²

Quality Base Peak temp. Coating Thickness
Olympus Silica 1300 °C Vermiculite 1.3 mm
Hercules Fibreglass 900 °C HT + PU 1.6 mm
Sirius Fibreglass 1000 °C Vermiculite 1.4 mm
Thetis Fibreglass 900 °C Graphite + PU 1.5 mm
Athos Fibreglass 900 °C PU 1.6 mm
Ares Fibreglass 550 °C Alu-foil 1.3 mm

Custom-made welding blankets

    The specifications for custom-made welding blankets are:

  • Sewn on the cut edged.
  • Minimum  size available 1 m².
  • Minimum  size available 15 m².
  • Minimum length per side is 100 cm.
  • Welding blankets are made with 5 cm tolerance on the provided measurement.
  • Custom-made welding blankets are not returnable.