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CEPRO - Leading in welding safty


In Europe, all welding curtains, strips and other products for the protection of welding areas using transparent materials, must meet the European standard:  EN ISO 25980 (formerly EN-1598). This standard was last revised in 2015. CEPRO curtains have the certification logo of the reputable DIN-Institute. A European standard is not yet in place for the safe screening off of workplaces that are capable of being easily ignited, such as the EN-1598 for filtration of welding light. In various directives, both governmentally and commercially, directions are given to prevent fire and damage. Since a specific standard lacks, CEPRO tests the welding blankets according to standards for non-flammability of building materials.

CEPROWelding curtains certification

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    Certification for:

  • Welding curtains
  • Welding strips
  • Welding sheets

CEPROWelding blankets certification

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    Certification for:

  • Basic welding blankets
  • Economy welding blankets
  • Premium welding blankets