Olympus welding blanket

  • Silica fabric (filament)
  • High temperatures up to 1000°C
  • Peak temperature approx. 1300°C
  • Extreme circumstances
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,220 gram/m²
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For the Olympus heat resistant fabric high quality silica fibres are used, which are environmentally non-hazardous. Olympus is treated with a mineral based finish to improve its abrasive resistance and the resistance to fraying. Olympus is free of asbestos!
The maximum application temperature is 1000 °C, shortly up to 1300°C.
Olympus is recommended for horizontal use, for example as a welding and grinding curtain in situations in which very high temperatures are reached. Olympus silicate-fabrics have excellent characteristics in relation to handling and resistance to high temperature loads. Therefore this fabric is suitable for use as welding blanket even under extreme conditions.

Technical  Information

  • CEPRO recommends the use of multiple layers for maximum protection.
  • Always use welding blankets at an angle of at least 15 degrees.
  • The temperatures shown are only an indication.
  • The suitability of the selected product should always be tested beforehand.
  • Regularly check welding blankets for tears and or other damage.
  • Replace damaged blankets where necessary.
  • Welding blankets can be used for many purposes and therefore, no guarantee can be given on their use.
  • The end user is responsible for determining whether the welding blanket is suitable for use in a specific situation and whether it offers sufficient protection during the work to be performed.
  • CEPRO welding blankets are sewn on the cut edges with best quality Kevlar thread.

Custom-made Welding Blankets

The specifications for custom-made welding blankets are:

    • Sewn on the cut edges.
    • Minimum size available is 1m².
    • Maximum size available is 15m².
    • The minimum length per side is 100cm.
    • Welding blankets are made with 5cm tolerance on the provided measurements
    • Custom-made welding blankets are not returnable


NameMeasurementsOrder number
Width 90 cmpart of a rol, not lock stitched56.50.09.0900
Width 90 cmfull roll 50m¹56.50.09.0950
Made to sizelock stitched at the cutting borders56.50.90


Cepro DownloadsCertificate – welding blanket – Olympus

Technical information

Cepro DownloadsTechnical sheet – welding blanket – Olympus