Welding curtain 140 cm wide

Cepro welding curtains also have a standard width of 140 cm, are provided with:

  • 5 cm wide seam all around
  • Thickness 0,40 mm.
  • All standard welding curtains are supplied incl. 7 steel suspension rings.
  • Approved in accordance with ISO EN 25980
  • Standard width 140 cm
  • Fully seamed all-around
  • 7 eyelets on one side measuring 140cm
  • Snap-fasteners on both sides
  • Including 7 free steel suspension rings
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Welding curtains are designed for use in workplaces where bystanders must be protected against the hazardous radiation emitted during welding work. They provide protection against dangerous Blue Light and Ultra Violet (UV) rays. In case of prolonged exposure these rays can cause actinic conjunctivitis and even cataracts.

Available colours

CEPRO transparent welding curtains are available in three colours:


All three colour types comply with EN ISO25980 standards and provide an excellent filter against hazardous welding light and also offer protection against irritating but non-harmful welding  light. They not only provide a better overview of the working area but also make it safer and do not isolate the welder from the rest of the working area.


Curtains in CEPRO GREEN-9 comply with EN ISO25980, they are translucent (opaque) but not transparent. This makes this type of welding curtain ideal for creating separate welding bays so welding radiation does not cause any hazard to other workers in their workspace.

Technical information

  • Minimum usage temperature approx. 5°C. 
  • Maximum heat resistance approx. 80°C.
  • The welding curtains are for visual protection use and although they are flame retardant, they are not suitable for use as a welding blanket and/or as protection against welding sparks.
  • The material is not intended to replace a welding window but to be used to protect bystanders from harmful rays in the welding area.


Cepro DownloadsCertificate – Welding Curtain – Bronze-CE

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – Welding Curtain – Green-6

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – Welding Curtain – Green-9

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – Welding Curtain – Orange-CE

Technical information

Cepro DownloadsTechnical Sheet – Welding Curtain