Protection curtains 140 cm wide

  • CEPRO Yellow only provide protection against exposure to UV radiation
  • CEPRO Colourless only provides protection against sparks
  • Standard 140 cm wide
  • Seamed all-around
  • Eyelets all-around
  • Snap-fasteners on both (vertical) sides
  • Including 7 free steel suspension rings
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CEPRO Yellow and CEPRO Clear do not provide professional protection in welding work areas. Both the yellow and clear curtains are for use as a grinding curtain. Although the yellow grinding curtain does provide protection against UV rays it is not suitable for use as a welding curtain. The curtains are flame retardant but do not comply with the EN-1598 standards because of the explanation above.


Technical Information

Cepro DownloadsTechnical sheet – Welding Curtain