Welding curtains certification

Certification for welding curtains

In Europe, all welding curtains, strips and other products for the protection of welding areas using transparent materials, must meet the European standard:  ISO EN 25980. This standard was last revised in 2015. The ISO EN 25980 standard determines compliance in the area of:


Filtration of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and barely visible blue light:

  • elimination of UV rays between 210 en 313 nm
  • almost entirely filter UV rays between 313 and 400 nm
  • filter out blue light on a gradual scale (between 400 and 600 nm)
  • restricted filtration of visible light (600 to 1400 nm).

UV reflection

Welding light projected onto a welding curtain can be reflected to a maximum of 10 per cent. This prevents the welder from being exposed to the dangers of UV rays reflected via the welding curtain.

UV stability

Materials can discolour due to exposure to UV radiation, such as in the case of sunlight. The discolouration of a welding curtain directly influences its filtering properties. The ISO EN 25980 stipulates the minimum requirements for protection. A CEPRO approved product provides long-term filtration properties.

Flame retardant

Should a welding curtain catch fire it will self-extinguish once the material has been removed from the heat source. During a test method a piece of curtain 190 x 90mm is exposed to a flame for 15 seconds. If the curtain catches fire, it should self-extinguish within 3 seconds and the flame should not exceed a height of 150mm.

Mechanical strength

On CEPRO’s initiative, standards have also been set for the mechanical strength of welding curtains. Under the stipulated conditions, the suspension eyelets and seams are strong enough to withstand a weight of 7 kilos.


An approved curtain must indicate the following:

  • Name and registration number of the manufacturer (in our case that of CEPRO)
  • ISO EN 25980 marking
  • Month and year of production
  • Approval marking

CEPRO curtains have the certification logo of the reputable DIN-Institute (see below)

DIN certification

CEPRO is one of the few manufacturers  that submits its products to the rigorous certification demands of the German DIN Institute for Standardisation. In this certification procedure, our products are subject to annual re-examinations and the certificate is only extended after this approval has been renewed. This enables us to guarantee our customers that our top quality product(s) always meet the prescribed standards

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