Gazelle welding screen 200 cm wide

CEPRO Gazelle welding screen 200cm wide:
  • Height 200 cm
  • Without castors
  • Galvanized frame
  • Round 25 x 1mm tube
  • Curtain height 170cm
  • Fitted curtain with an open seam at the top and bottom
  • Curtains ISO EN 25980 approved
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CEPRO Gazelle welding screens are ideal for use in smaller workspaces and infrequent use. They are very lightweight and can be easily moved by hand.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all CEPRO welding screens are available as follows:
  • 200cm high.
  • Made from a round galvanized 25 x 1mm tube
  • Provided with a tension curtain with an upper and lower open seam
  • Packed in a cardboard box measuring only 120cm therefore easy to send through the regular parcel services

Available models

  • Single screen, 200cm wide
  • Single screen, 140cm wide

Technical information  

  • The CEPRO Gazelle welding screen is supplied as an assembly kit in a strong cardboard box.
  • CEPRO Gazelle welding screens are designed for indoor use
  • The nuts and bolts used to connect the frame should be checked regularly
  • You should regularly check the CEPRO Gazelle welding screen for tears and/or other damage. Replace damaged curtains if necessary


NameOrder number
Cepro Orange-CE replacement curtain 170 x 200cm13.15.04.20
Cepro Green-9 replacement curtain 170 x 200cm13.19.04.20
Cepro Green-6 replacement curtain 170 x 200cm13.16.04.20
Cepro Bronze-CE replacement curtain 170 x 200cm13.17.04.20


Cepro DownloadsCertificate – welding screen – Gazelle – Bronze-CE

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – welding screen – Gazelle – Green-6

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – welding screen- Gazelle – Green-9

Cepro DownloadsCertificate – welding screen – Gazelle – Orange-CE

Technical information

Cepro Downloads Technical sheet – welding screen – Gazelle