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Cepro Sustainability

Thank you for your interest in recycling your Cepro products!

As a market leader, we feel a responsibility to take a leading role in the recycling of PVC products, by adopting a circular approach to them. We do this by collecting used Cepro products from you, which are then recycled.

However, we need your help with this:

  1. Please stop discarding your used Cepro (PVC) products.
  2. Place your used Cepro (PVC) products in a box.
  3. Measure the dimensions of the box (Length x Width x Height, in cm).
  4. Weigh the box (in kg).
  5. Fill out the form below with the obtained information.
  6. Prepare your products for pick-up.
  7. Enjoy your contribution to PVC circularity and spread the word!

Once we receive your products, we will send them to an external recycling company. They will recycle these used Cepro products, allowing them to be transformed into new products. This way, we prevent unnecessary PVC waste and contribute to the circularity of PVC products.