Sonic booth with Cepro Bronze-CE strips

  • Slideable space separation
  • Slideable space separation

New welding area for VDL Enabling Technologies Group in Eindhoven – The Netherlands

• Optimal protection against sound and radiation.
• Uniform, transparant and up-to-date look and feel.
• Specially for VDL designed portals.

Cepro has supplied VDL Enabling Technologies Group with a complete new set-up. Fixed demands from VDL where that the entire welding area would get an uniform, transparent and modern look and feel. The concept and design we came up with has been, after a few minor changes, executed completely. The end result is clearly visible on the pictures.

All fixed wall components have been made up of Sonic wall elements. Our Sonic wall elements don’t just absorb and reduce noise, but also minimize the noise reflection levels in the workplace. In all places where the walls border on walkways and traffic routes we used Sonic wall element with an window to keep the cabins as transparent as possible.

We designed a new entrance system to close of the cabins from the rest of the workplace. With this system a slidable welding strip separation slides away behind a fixed wall segment. By equipping both the slidable as the fixed separations with the same welding strips, all entrance sections look uniform while keeping the cabins transparent and accessible. Off course all transparent windows and welding strips separations are certified according to the ISO EN 25980 standard. This ensures that all employees in the workplace can move around freely without being exposed to UV radiation, sparks or noise.

Are you going to build a new welding workplace, or would you like to remodel an existing welding area to have it conform to the most actual safety standards, then don’t hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.

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