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CEPRO - Leading in welding safty

Build your booth

CEPRO products are the result of years of experience in the design and equipping of safe welding and grinding work areas. Our products comply with all the currently applicable standards and regulations, including several subfields.

This section explains how different construction items can be used to build the available systems. Our range of products includes a large variety of fastening material and suspension systems. Our CEPRO team has years of experience and knowledge to help you and are available for your questions without any obligation. Feel free to contact us for more information.

CEPROSwivel arms

swivel arms-small

Available types:

  • Pipe swivel arm
  • Modular swivel arm
  • Swivel arm heavy duty arm
  • Swivel joint arm

CEPROPoles & Columns

Swivel arms Orange CE curtains - web

Available types:

  • Rectangular profile Poles, 225 cm high
  • Rectangular profile Poles, 300 cm high
  • Columns  400cm

CEPRORail-& Tube system

Rail detail01 - web

Available types:

  • Supports and connectors
  • Runners
  • Railstops and endpieces
  • Suspension hooks and rings



Available types:

  • Cable reel, cable length 8 meter

CEPROWelding booth
Sonic classic

Available types:

  • Cepro Sonic sound insulating element
  • Joining pole
  • Joining pole extension
  • Adjustable foot