CEPRO UniSonic work cabin

CEPRO UniSonic work cabins are the latest innovation in the current CEPRO range. These cabins can be used multifunctionally in all different work areas.


CEPRO UniSonic cabins are easy to use as spray, laser, or grinding cabins, or in other situations and tasks in an industrial environment.

  • Easy to calculate and build, due to a limited number of parts.
  • Available from stock, fast shipping.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Can be used for various purposes.
  • Simple and seamless installation using a tongue and groove system.
  • Windows, doors, and ventilation grilles can be easily added.

Available dimensions up to:

  • Standard height 270 cm
    Depth 500 cm
    Length 800 cm
  • Standard raised height 400 cm
    Depth 400 cm
    Length 600 cm