Cable reel

  • Maximum height curtain 200cm
  • Cable length max. 8 meter
  • Including wall support
  • Comes with special tensioning support
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A cable reel is ideal for screening off a workplace while at the same time allowing fast and easy access. The spring recoiled wire with a length of up to 8 meters is easily pulled out of the drum to be attached to the tensioning device opposite on the other side. Curtains (max. drop is 2.00 meters) can be hung on the stretched cable. These can be easily moved, after which the wire can be retracted and the cable drum swung aside to allow easy access to the welding area.

Technical information

  • Always hold the cable when you rewind it in order to avoid damage to the machine, injuries to people or to surrounding things.
  • Do not open the spring housing box. The spring may only be repaired or replaced by qualified technicians.
  • Any replacement of cable reel parts has to be done using original spare parts.
  • Before replacing any part(s) we advise you to contact CEPRO.
  • For more technical information and sizes, please refer to our catalogue