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 World’s leading trade fair for joining, cutting and coating:

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN with new date in September 2023

Lack of planning certainty and international travel restrictions are the decisive reasons for this year’s cancellation

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN will not be held in 2021. The new date for the leading international trade fair for joining, cutting and coating is September 11 to 15, 2023. Then companies and decision-makers from all over the world will meet at Messe Essen to exchange information on the latest innovations, services and research results in this important sector of the economy. The date originally planned for September of this year was not feasible in view of the current frame conditions. This is because exhibitors and organizers of the world’s leading trade fair, which most recently attracted around 50,000 trade visitors, need planning reliability and lead time.

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EuroBLECH 2020 verschoben

EuroBLECH 2020 verschoben: 26. Internationale Technologiemesse für Blechbearbeitung findet vom 9. – 12. März 2021 in Hannover statt

Mack Brooks Exhibitions hat heute die Verschiebung der EuroBLECH bekannt gegeben, die vom 27. – 30. Oktober 2020 auf dem Messegelände in Hannover stattfinden sollte. Das neue Datum für die nächste EuroBLECH, die 26. Internationale Technologiemesse für Blechbearbeitung, ist 9. – 12. März 2021. Diese Entscheidung wurde nach ausführlichen Gesprächen, die über die letzten Wochen und Monate mit allen Ausstellern und Partnern stattgefunden haben, getroffen. Die Mehrheit der Beteiligten hat sich dafür ausgesprochen, die Messe nicht im Oktober abzuhalten, im Hinblick auf die derzeitige Covid-19-Krise.

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EuroBlech 2020 exhibition Hannover, Germany

Hal 26, stand H02

Die EuroBLECH 2020, 26. Internationale Technologiemesse für Blechbearbeitung, findet vom 27. – 30. Oktober 2020 in Hannover statt. Als vertikale Fachmesse bildet die weltweit größte Technologiemesse für Blechbearbeitung die gesamte Technologiekette ab:  Halbzeuge, Zulieferteile, Handling, Trennen, Umformen, flexible Blechbearbeitung, Fügen, Schweißen, Rohr-/ Profilbearbeitung, Verarbeitung hybrider Strukturen, Oberflächenbearbeitung, Werkzeuge, additive Fertigung, Steuerungs- und Regeltechnik, CAD/CAM/CIM-Systeme, Qualitätssicherung, Betriebseinrichtung und Forschung & Entwicklung.

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Welding Week

After four years it is time again for the Welding Week 2019.

From 19 to 21 November the Welding Week 2019 will take place in the Antwerp Expo. A huge trade event that draws a large number of visitors. In 2015; 4.721 professionals, 904 students and 150 exhibitors from 27 different countries. And of course this year CEPRO will be one of the 150 exhibitors, to present our products and solutions for welding and grinding safety.

The Welding Week is not just an average trade fair, it’s an information- and network platform that is custom made for the professional visitors. This is the trade fair you don’t want to miss, especially because it is only once every four years. So your next chance will be in 2023.

Standnumber: 4-A250

For more information check out the website

We’ll see you there!

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New ISO EN 25980 standard replaces the European EN 1598.

To improve safety for all workers in welding work areas the International Organization for Standardization has chosen to adopt the European EN 1598:2011. The resulting ISO EN 25980 has been published and now replaces the former EN 1598:2011. With this new standard companies all around the world can be insured they implement high quality and safe products in their workplace.

The European EN 1598:2011 standard, as well as the new ISO EN 25980, specifies safety requirements for transparent welding curtains, strips and screens. Products which are certified by the  these standards are designed to protect people who are not directly involved in the welding process, but work in the same area where hazardous radiation and spatter from welding arcs is present.

All of our former EN 1598:2011 certified products are now certified by the new ISO EN 25980 standard.

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Cepro International BV, ready for the future!

Cepro International BV is ready to reach a higher level in the near future. Due to a nice and stabile growth in the past years and some internal changes, including the management of the company, we have used 2015 to reinforce our Organization.

By hiring several new colleagues on several departments like Sales, Finance & Administration, Data Entry and also our Engineering department we are ready for future growth!

All of this will be noticeable for you in several upcoming newsletters in which we will officially introduce new or improved products, amongst other important subjects.

On a very short notice we will officially introduce the first new product to all of you, this will be our Diamant plate (Metal plate) separation range.

With this modulair system it will be easy to create a safe and simple separation of good quality!

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New assortiment for bigger standard Welding blankets

The last years our sales department has often been asked for Welding blankets bigger than 400×400 cm. Usually these blankets also need to be delivered within a certain period of time, preferably even from stock.

Du to all of this we have decided to add another stock dimension of 400×600 cm (or equivalent in case of Olympus) to some of our styles of Welding blankets.

As from the 1th of January 2016 we hold stock for the following styles, to be:

  • Kronos
  • Athena
  • Thetis
  • Olympus (360×600 cms)

With these blankets we can cover all kind of welding or grinding related processes and meet the demands of our clients quickly! For more information please contact our sales team!