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Custom made Sonic Grinding booth

Custom made Sonic grinding and welding booths are one of the products Cepro International B.V. has been producing and developing for more than 30 years now.

This end user which is a company who develops and produces bearings. They want to encapsulate their welding and grinding production to reduce the harmful welding light and grinding sound. They have chosen for a combination of a welding- / grinding booth with a double door and sonic wall elements with moveable welding strips and fixed clear strips.

The booth is fitted with a sound insulating door, which is provided with an anti-panic closing on the inside and a door catch on the outside. The Sonic booth elements are perforated on the inside. These elements not only produces sound attenuation but also effective noise reduction in the rest of the working environment.

The modular system can be easily and quickly assembled. Various options, dimensions, RAL-colours or lay-outs are possible.

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