CEPRO Diamond Plate Wall Element with Impact window

  • Diamond plate wall element with Impact window
  • Width: 940mm
  • Height: 2.000mm
  • Thickness: 30mm


CEPRO diamond rigid sheets are developed to separate the workplace in general. For example, they can be used to shield parts of the work-place from view. You can also create a physical barrier between a pro-duction area and the rest of the workplace.

Available models

  • CEPRO Diamond rigid sheet wall elements for building up a booth or separation
  • CEPRO Diamond rigid sheet accessories, for further expanding your booth or separation
  • CEPRO Diamond rigid sheet supports, to complete your booth or separation

Technical information

  • CEPRO Diamond rigid sheet products are meant for use indoors
  • The nuts and bolts used to connect the frame should be checked regularly
  • CEPRO Diamond rigid sheet booths and separations are delivered with a clear mounting instruction

Made to size

CEPRO can also offer you tailor made and constructed installations. This goes for dimensions, design and colour scheme. You can count on receiving professional advice from one of our advisors. Please contact our sales department to make an appointment.